Cock Your Hat is a company started by Adam O’Connor as a way to improve the confidence of men through what they wear.

Finding a style that makes you feel confident, gives you a certain type of energy that makes you hold your head up high!

Wearing the right outfit in your environment will earn you respect – and this positivity will affect your confidence.

Not letting others dress you, and owning what you wear can be a way to lessen your anxiety. The power of first impressions will affect your confidence and the unknown element of how people will react to your appearance can make you anxious.

Adam has suffered depression and anxiety and is passionate about talking about it for the simple fact, it saves lives. Here is Adam at the ‘Man Up‘ event in Ipswich.

Talking about it, developing tools to lessen your anxiety and facing your fears head-on will help you conquer your mental health.

Cock Your Hat is here to provide you with a source of clothing that will bring you confidence, lessen your anxiety and not break the bank. Cock Your Hat sells preloved clothing of which 10% of the profits go towards supporting Mind – a mental health charity.