ypically, before now, the business-cut has been a shortcut that would naturally lay flat and be parted to one side.

The medium length hairstyle has grown in popularity with celebrities such as Bruno Mars, Zac Efron and Zayn Malik choosing the pompadour as their hairstyle of choice.

No longer is the medium-length hairstyle viewed as a shaggy mess someone rocks out of bed with. Instead, it’s something that one takes pride in and sculpts to a precise creation.

So, how do we go from the image of the medium-length hairstyle being messy to one that’s viewed as smart enough for an office environment?

First of all, you will need healthy hair. This will mean regular trips to your barber to keep the ends intact. If you’re lucky enough to have thick, healthy hair, a medium-length hairstyle is one you will be able to achieve.

The “business-cut” you go for will be dependent on the shape of your face, the body of your hair, your own style and how much product you wish to put in it.

A medium-cut that requires little effort is more suited to an office environment. One doesn’t want to be running his fingers through his hair every five minutes just to adjust it. Instead, a tight back and sides hairstyle with enough left on top is ideal.

I’ve picked what I think is the perfect medium-length hairstyle to wear with a suit and tie. The hair is kept out of the eyes and is short on the back to not be an irritation with your shirt or suit jacket.

Here is Johannes Huebl, a German shoe designer and model, more famous for being married to Olivia Palermo, the villain from The City.

His hairstyle is showing off his fresh face and blue eyes, not impeding his looks. It won’t be getting in the way of work so is perfect for a business casual dress code.


Pomade is an iconic product to use for the business-cut. Pomade is made up of wax and fatty oils, which is able to provide the stiffness required to keep your hair in place while the moisture of the oil gives it a sheen.

What are other cuts suited to business casual?

If Johannes’s look is simply not your style here are a couple of other hairstyles suited to business use.
Ivy League, Pompadour and Clean Shaven,

I shall save those for another time.